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BPM Show this weekend

Looking forward to this years BPM show at the NEC in Birmingham. For more information

Camden Crawl

Going to Camden Crawl on Saturday 01/05/10. Going to be ace, for more info.

Calvin Harris is doing a set. 🙂

Roger Sanchez – 2GETHER

Roger SanchezRoger Sanchez samples B52’s Loveshack, genius

LA DI DA LI we likes to party

I was just listening to a record by Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew released on Chrysalis in 1985.  The B side is La Di Da Di, which I already knew as Lodi Dodi by Snoop Dogg 1993.  I always though it was just once of Snoops tracks, didn’t realise it was a rework of the Doug E Fresh track.

What did we do before Wikipedia?  I’m sure this sort of information  isn’t  in the encyclopedia Britannica.

Computer music, geeks only

Calvin Harris is ready for the weekend

Ccalvin HarrisWooh! I’ve put on my shoes and I’m ready for the weekend check it out fun and punchy dance track, well done another summer hit.


New music project site launched,  head on over to for more info.

Spotify online music player


This has got to be the best web application so far.

It’s a online music player, all free with the artist getting paid via an ad played every 20 mins.  It’s like having direct access all the major record companys back catalogs.

Check it out now.

Radio Sega

Online Radio station that plays Sega sound tracks, takes you right back to 1990.

Now 70

Now 70 is out, going to get a copy today. See what cheesy pop selection is being served up this time. Tesco are selling it for £9.98 this weekend only. Pretty good price considering way back when I bought Now 34 in Ourprice it cost £15.99. I’ve been collecting Now compilations for a long time and have the whole series on a mixture of different media. Best bargain was Now 1 & 2 on vinyl off ebay payed about £5. I told myself I might stop buying these at 50, then 60. But its very addictive if you like collecting stuff like me, it’s a cleaver marketing strategy numbering the albums to keep you buying. Now’s been released all over the globe, however they started at different times so if you get No 10 (2002) from the US it’s got Britney Spears where as the UK Now 10 has Pet Shop Boys (1987).

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