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Month: January 2007

Countdown to PS3 UK launch

We could be only two months away form the UK Playstaion 3 launch, according to the date could be 23/03/07. Sony has taken a lot of bashing over the late European release but I’d prefer all the bugs to be worked out on the American consumers first. Then by the time we Brits get our hands on a system, software updates should be available for download.

I’m a bit concerned over the lack of pre-order schemes up and running yet as retailers are yet to hear from Sony as to the quantity allocations the will receive. But let’s not worry too much about that at the moment fingers crossed Sony will do a good job with the UK launch.

Looking on the positive side, there will be many more UK launch titles ready than there were available back in November. My launch days wish list: Motorstorm, Resistance fall of man, Genji days of the blade, Full Auto 2 Battlelines, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Ridge Racer 7, Formula One Championship Edition.

Will you be camping outside your local Game store on launch night? It would be great to hear from fellow nextgen fanatics.

Gears of war (Xbox 360)

Last night I played Gears of War on the Xbox 360. Wow, what a masterpiece. The graphics are outstanding and really show what the xbox 360 hardware is capable of and this is only a year after release imagine what treats are yet to come. The first thing I noticed was the realism, objects have true texture, walls look like they are made from bricks and mortar. Rain water flowing down from the roof on the inside of a building looks very real. Epic have really put a lot of effort into the details, the machine gun emits a heat haze after being fired. When you run the camera jolts around wildly.

I’ve only tried out the online play so cant say what the story mode plays out like. Online maps were reasonably quick to load with a full 8 players most times. Exchanges of fire can go on for quite sometime but quick kills with the shot gun or chains saw are also possible. When your out of health you can tap to slow the bleeding and stay alive, if your lucky a team mate will come along and revive you, but if your opponent comes to check your dead you’ve had it. There’s a lot more to this game than I can do justice in a quick post but if you have an Xbox 360 then you need this title, but then you probably already have it…

Canis Cane Edit (PS2 2006)

Well I hope you have all had a good Christmas Holiday and are looking forward to the New Year.  2007 will see the last of the next gen consoles released in the UK, roll on March!  In the meantime I’ve been keeping myself busy with Rockstar’s latest release Canis Cane Edit, (Bully in the U.S.) which I have been reliably informed is a Latin translation for Dog eat dog.  This title has caused a lot of controversy, which I’m sure the publishers are used to by now.

You play Jimmy Hopkins a lad who has been expelled from all the good schools and is now trying to make his way through Bullworth Academy.  A rough boarding school nestling at the bottom of the league tables. The missions are arranged like GTA, you can pick and chooses what you want to do and when you want to do it.  There are two classes a day which if you attend will open up new skills and objects, do well at chemistry and you can make your own stink bombs or pass shop and get a BMX.  Jimmy’s not restricted to the school premises either there’s the nearby town with extra missions and shops or you can visit the fun fair to race go carts.

You can decided to be friendly or not to fellow students and staff its a system that you can play to your advantage depending on who your trying to get it with.  I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve played so far and highly recommend it.

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