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3D Printer you can make yourself

SuSE Studio

SuSE StudioThe server was getting noisy, not surprising really. It’s an ten year old Packard Bell PC that’s constantly on. So I cleaned out all the dust from inside, fitted a power supply from another old PC. Took out the two small hard disks and replaced with a 40gb apple one from my old eMac. Now all I need is a new socket 7 CPU fan and it’s done.

Instead of copying all the files off the old drives I did a fresh install, the ideal opportunity to try out SuSE studio. I went for a “Just enough OS” appliance. This is a pared down SuSE image where once installed you add what you need through Yast.

The first thing to confuse me was how to install it! Once booted from the live CD you have to fire up yast and the install option in under the Miscellaneous section, that took me a good half hour to find. When they say just enough they mean it, no ping or nslookup commands.

It was annoying to be warned that I had less than 1Gb of RAM. I have 384MB in my server which is plenty, why the warning I’m not running a window manager on it so memory usage is minimal.

Overall SuSE studio is great, a very slick interface and the option to output your custom creations to a xen image. Cool stuff.

Computer music, geeks only

Move to a larger drive

A comprehensive answer on for upgrading a harddrive

Speed test

Speed Test

Speed test

Server software upgrade



Christmas eve, works finished presents are wrapped and festive drink with friends & family are over.  How should I while away the hours before Santa’s visit?  Upgrade my server of course, something that’s been long overdue but I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to actually make a start.

All the time it was working OK there was no need to mess about with it.  But there were a few annoyances, first I had trouble upgrading PHP, to run the most recent PHPsysinfo.

Then I broke Samba trying to update with YAST, was still not that bad as I could access my data via SCP but still a bit annoying as now iTunes couldn’t get to the library previously on a samba share.

The decider was a power cut the other night.  Only a few seconds but enough to restart the server and loose all my lovely uptime stats that stood at nearly 200 days.  For this collection of reasons it was time to upgrade from SUSE 10.2 to Open SUSE 11.  Also I had an open SUSE 11 disc that I got from the Linux expo.

I copied all my data and dumped the MySQL databases out to the back up server.  A fresh install and a chance to clean all the dust that had accumulated inside the server 🙂 The install went really well and after a few hours getting everything back to it’s previous working state we now back online, and running on the latest’s stable versions.

LHC Switch on

It’s the Large Hadron Collider switch on tomorrow. Lets hope CERN dont use windows.

Playstation 3 is pre-ordered!

I had a tip off last night that Game stores would be taking pre-orders today, and sure enough they were. I’m number 8 in the queue and although the sales assistant wouldn’t tell me their store allocation he assured me I’m guaranteed a launch day console! I’ve also got my name down for a HDMI cable, Resistance Fall of Man and Motor Storm. 41 days to go…

Countdown to PS3 UK launch

We could be only two months away form the UK Playstaion 3 launch, according to the date could be 23/03/07. Sony has taken a lot of bashing over the late European release but I’d prefer all the bugs to be worked out on the American consumers first. Then by the time we Brits get our hands on a system, software updates should be available for download.

I’m a bit concerned over the lack of pre-order schemes up and running yet as retailers are yet to hear from Sony as to the quantity allocations the will receive. But let’s not worry too much about that at the moment fingers crossed Sony will do a good job with the UK launch.

Looking on the positive side, there will be many more UK launch titles ready than there were available back in November. My launch days wish list: Motorstorm, Resistance fall of man, Genji days of the blade, Full Auto 2 Battlelines, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Ridge Racer 7, Formula One Championship Edition.

Will you be camping outside your local Game store on launch night? It would be great to hear from fellow nextgen fanatics.

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