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Month: July 2008

Red Bull Cola

I like to try new products, so when I saw Red Bull Cola I thought I like cola and I like energy drinks, I’ll give it a glug. It’s not bad, it doesn’t have the same aftertaste as Red Bull which is a plus. Also no aspartame crap. It looks like light brown coke. Not too sweet either. 7 out of 10, give it a try.

Now 70

Now 70 is out, going to get a copy today. See what cheesy pop selection is being served up this time. Tesco are selling it for £9.98 this weekend only. Pretty good price considering way back when I bought Now 34 in Ourprice it cost £15.99. I’ve been collecting Now compilations for a long time and have the whole series on a mixture of different media. Best bargain was Now 1 & 2 on vinyl off ebay payed about £5. I told myself I might stop buying these at 50, then 60. But its very addictive if you like collecting stuff like me, it’s a cleaver marketing strategy numbering the albums to keep you buying. Now’s been released all over the globe, however they started at different times so if you get No 10 (2002) from the US it’s got Britney Spears where as the UK Now 10 has Pet Shop Boys (1987).

Holiday photo

It’s supposed to look like that, right?

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