Developers notebook

Month: August 2008

Hard Drivin’

30p a play or 50p for two credits. This was my all time favorite arcade game. It’s even got it’s own wikipedia page’

Two linked cabinets so you could race you mate on the same track. A 3D stunt racer with features way ahead of it’s time. Polygon graphics engine, great sound effects, network play, clutch pedal, ignition key start, force feedback steering.

If I ever see one come up on eBay I’ll be placing a bid to two!

jEdit Text editor

I’ve used several text editors but always gravitate back to jEdit. It provides syntax highlighting over 100 languages. It’s also got a neat plugin system, ftp/e-mail/sudoku client plugins anyone? Being built on Java it’s cross platform too!

Take a look at

New photo gallery

I’ve started using Google’s Picasa for hosting my photos, take a look at