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Month: February 2010

LA DI DA LI we likes to party

I was just listening to a record by Doug E Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew released on Chrysalis in 1985.  The B side is La Di Da Di, which I already knew as Lodi Dodi by Snoop Dogg 1993.  I always though it was just once of Snoops tracks, didn’t realise it was a rework of the Doug E Fresh track.

What did we do before Wikipedia?  I’m sure this sort of information  isn’t  in the encyclopedia Britannica.

MySQL compare tables and find non matching records

MySQLmysql> SELECT table1.* FROM table1
-> LEFT JOIN table2 ON

Room booking becomes fleet mangment

I’d been asked to find fleet management software at work.  Most of the commercial offerings I found on the Internet seemed to be for large organisations or didn’t have all the features needed.  The requirements were a diary for the pool cars which could be checked by all staff over the intranet.

So I approached the task from a different angle, and found a room booking system on source forge. Once I had it up and running I changed all references from Room to vehicle.

My updated code will soon be available here, the magic of open source software.

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