Christmas eve, works finished presents are wrapped and festive drink with friends & family are over.  How should I while away the hours before Santa’s visit?  Upgrade my server of course, something that’s been long overdue but I just didn’t have the enthusiasm to actually make a start.

All the time it was working OK there was no need to mess about with it.  But there were a few annoyances, first I had trouble upgrading PHP, to run the most recent PHPsysinfo.

Then I broke Samba trying to update with YAST, was still not that bad as I could access my data via SCP but still a bit annoying as now iTunes couldn’t get to the library previously on a samba share.

The decider was a power cut the other night.  Only a few seconds but enough to restart the server and loose all my lovely uptime stats that stood at nearly 200 days.  For this collection of reasons it was time to upgrade from SUSE 10.2 to Open SUSE 11.  Also I had an open SUSE 11 disc that I got from the Linux expo.

I copied all my data and dumped the MySQL databases out to the back up server.  A fresh install and a chance to clean all the dust that had accumulated inside the server 🙂 The install went really well and after a few hours getting everything back to it’s previous working state we now back online, and running on the latest’s stable versions.