Friday I went to Joomla day 2009 in Maidstone, Kent.  An informative event with plenty of opportunities to talk with key developers, experts and users.

There were 5 main sessions where you could chooses which workshop to attend.  A full schedule of the available sessions can be found at

Intranets presented by Andrew Rose,where he described how to build a business case for your intranet.  Have killer applications such as; a corporate directory helping staff find each other more efficiently.  Provide document management features.  Training resources.

The advantage of users taking ownership of there page content and the problems with consistency this can cause.

Search Engine Optimisation by Wilco Jansen, To start make sure your page validates, Next see what google bot sees!  Google bot is blind, it can old see text and expects your site to make sturctual sense with title, H1, H2 etc.  Turn off your CSS and take a look.  Don’t repeate content, this can be anoying to visitors and can effect your ranking.  Check you sites keyword density and use a performace grader