SuSE StudioThe server was getting noisy, not surprising really. It’s an ten year old Packard Bell PC that’s constantly on. So I cleaned out all the dust from inside, fitted a power supply from another old PC. Took out the two small hard disks and replaced with a 40gb apple one from my old eMac. Now all I need is a new socket 7 CPU fan and it’s done.

Instead of copying all the files off the old drives I did a fresh install, the ideal opportunity to try out SuSE studio. I went for a “Just enough OS” appliance. This is a pared down SuSE image where once installed you add what you need through Yast.

The first thing to confuse me was how to install it! Once booted from the live CD you have to fire up yast and the install option in under the Miscellaneous section, that took me a good half hour to find. When they say just enough they mean it, no ping or nslookup commands.

It was annoying to be warned that I had less than 1Gb of RAM. I have 384MB in my server which is plenty, why the warning I’m not running a window manager on it so memory usage is minimal.

Overall SuSE studio is great, a very slick interface and the option to output your custom creations to a xen image. Cool stuff.