The title says it all really, but I’m usually sceptical about books that proclaim to be able to give you a good understating of a large and complex subject in just one weekend and besides I didn’t really want to spend a whole weekend trying to cram in as much as possible only to forget most of it by the UNIX weekend crash courseollowing week. So I’ve been working my way through over the last fortnight.

Each chapter is split into half hour sections giving syntax examples and not meandering from the point.  The layout is clear and will also make a good reference book once the learning has been done.  The books gives you a reasonable starting point for UNIX use, and where further detail of a command is required just take a look at the man page.

The price was right and I liked that it’s a generic UNIX book, not tied down to a specific distro.  You can skip some chapters without loosing any of the overall learning experience for example I didn’t read the chapter on emacs as I’m more accustomed to using vi.

There is also a CD included which contains a PDF copy of the book and an exam to test your new skills.  It’s a bit odd the exam software is for windows only.  All in all a good book from an author who knows his stuff.

Author: Arthur Griffith, ISBN 0-7645-4927-8